We are so excited to introduce the TripleBooster - The charger that has it all !

This is a unique Car-Charger with 3 USB output ports, where each port is independent, and capable of providing up to 2.4A (Total of 7.2A / 36W) !
This Car-Charger is another great product from Krispin-Electronics, and as a tradition in our company, this product customers get ALL the required support in order to have an enjoyable use for many years. No matter what!










What does TripleBooster contains ?
    ♦ The TripleBooster charger itself, 5V-7.2A-36W Car-Charger.
    ♦ A cloth bag, to store unused items, and avoid mess and disorder in your car.
    ♦ A Welcome Guide & a User Manual.
    ♦ All of this comes in a gift box, so you can send it to your loved ones.
    ♦ 3 USB cables, to cover most frequent users.
           ♦ A Micro-USB cable, 1m long, rated to 2.4A, for Android users.
           ♦ A 30-Pin USB cable, 1m long, rated to 2.4A, for iPhone 4 and less users.
           ♦ A 8-Pin USB cable, 1m long, rated to 2.4A, for iPhone 5 and up users.

Which protections are built into the Triple Booster ?
    ♦ Over charge protection. Stop charging when battery is full.
    ♦ Over discharge protection. Protect you and your device from battery discharge.
    ♦ Short circuit protection. Shorted ports will stop working until the short is removed.
    ♦ Stable voltage protection. Emergency control in presence of voltage-sensitive loads.
    ♦ Over current protection. Will stop work in case of excessive current existence.
    ♦ Over heating protection. Will stop work if temperature is over 45 deg.
    ♦ Separate led indicators. One led for each port, lit only when charging.

Over the Top Performance with its smart charging
Every single output port can auto-detect your connected device and deliver its fastest possible charge speed, up to 2.4A.
Outstanding Triple-USB Output.
This TripleBooster is Ideal for frequent travelers who uses multiple devices. Using its 3 USB outputs with 36W / 7.2A, it enables you to charge practically any of your 5V mobile devices simultaneously & rapidly. 3 devices at a time.
Your Safety Comes First.
Designed with a sophisticated circuit that offers protection from Over Current, Overheating, and Overcharging. The charger is CE / FCC certified, and RoHS & ISO 9001 approved.
See It On Work!
The TripleBooster contains A Led power indicator dedicated for each output. This lets you know Which port or device is currently charging. The led indicators are easy to see but soft enough so they do not distract you when driving.
Why You Should Choose Us ?
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